What does a rare brain disease (iih), Autism, Severe heart condition & Fairies have in common?

 What does a rare brain disease (iih), Autism, Severe heart condition & Fairies have in common?

The answer is simple the fairy tale dream come true, opening my own store! Fairy Wings & Things.                                                                                                                                                                           As newly weds my wife and I talked of opening a shop with romantic notions and splendid ideas...then came a series of life changing events for the most part Wonderful: Having two children a dog a home. I was caught up in work, my wife's diagnosis with depression, then a rare brain disorder, my first child having Autism, my second having club foot (Feet turned in) and at 4 weeks old needing urgent heart surgery...this list could get bigger but all this led to an opportunity I dreamed of: opening Fairy Wings and Things!  (My family are all survivors and dealing with each new challenge as a reason to laugh!)

As fantasy fans and avid collectors of Fantasy figurines it was easy to choose our Niche! 

So here I am with Not Just a physical shop but embarking on my own retail website selling goods I myself love, I hope you enjoy them too! 

Fairy Wings & Thingsiih ukShop window

 We support iih uk visit their website at www.iih.org.uk

 We have an eBay store, many of the items we list include a donation to iih uk. Visit http://stores.ebay.co.uk/fairywingsandthings1/ to find out more.

We also request a voluntary 5 p for carrier bags to be put in our iih uk collecting pot.

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