Fairies a glimpse in to their world: Part 2

The more I work surrounded by Faerie themed goods and as I learn more, the more certain I have become that they exist: at least within our minds. We were recently blessed to spend some time in a remote area of Northumberland: here would be a perfect place to get close to some elemental faeries of nature.

Northumberland scene

The earth faeries aid the natural world and are surprisingly grouped in to the category of Gnomes…not that they all appear in any way like the classic garden ornament Gnomes we see around!1

Forest fairyI wasn’t lucky enough to see a fairy when in Northumberland but it was easy to feel the calm even with unsettled weather, and the vibrant energy of the place…magical! 
Each elemental type of fairy remarkably has its’ own city. The earth fairy city is known to mortals as Falias1: full of the energy of life, wisdom and ancient memories. All essential components to aid the work of nature: the job of earth fairies!

Fairy of natureWe perhaps draw earth fairies more in to their own realm because of the damage we cause to the earth and the rubbish we feed in to our bodies. They are hurt by this, but yet they return, delighting at the sight of someone nurturing their garden and giving energy to our souls especially when we eat and drink more naturally.




1, The Fairy Bible, Teresa Moorey, Octopus publishing Group, 2008


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