How everything changed in an instant!

This is a very personal post for me. Although it is not totally removed from Fairy Wings & Things...let me try to explain in the form of a short story.

It was the beginning of another week at our shop, looking forward to the people we might meet, busy getting ready. My wife was in the shop & I was going to the bank and then to take out our two boys...being the summer I was walking back I heard a BANG and a mind raced please please not one one of I crossed the road in front of the now stationary traffic I saw a man over the body of no no can't be My 3 year old son! "Come on Mate wake up mate" the man tended to my little one so caring yet composed. My Wife now here and yelling "Please Wake Up. Wake Up ARTHUR, ARTHUR" we suddenly heard a cry among the blood and and a little body trying to move. The next couple of weeks are almost a blur...a severe head injury and concussion...narrowly missing the need for surgery...wonderful medical staff. But Now all is well with Arthur making a recovery to near normal in less than 4 weeks.

Naturally my little shop has been closed for a while but opening up again last week was a relief but with mixed emotions...however I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the community, their support in every way one could have wished for...emotionally and with physical gifts! This Blog is dedicated to everyone who has given so much without any thought for themselves, my family, friends, the medical staff, the Sick Children's Trust, the local business community, the people who helped at the scene and the Wider community in Stocksbridge plus anyone else I have not mentioned! Thank you with all my heart. 



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  • Polly

    Bless you dear friend for sharing such a moving story, it must have been difficult knowing all the emotions you had to relive in doing so. How people come together to help in such traumas is a wonderful reminder of how our true nature, is to care for one another. Namaste and may Love & Light continue to embrace you and your beautiful family!

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