Fairies a Glimpse in to their world - part 1

Are fairies real or imagined? This question I can perhaps never answer but certainly by examining personal beliefs and differing cultures, some incite can be gained. My personal belief: fairies are magical, fantastical beings that bring joy to imaginations throughout generations, as for are they real I’m sceptical but who can prove not? 


According to Moorey the ancient Celts believed Fairies were a type of spirit of the dead whom had not reached their final destination. Moorey explains that real fairies exist in a separate dimension close to our own and at times in certain places our “worlds” co-exist. Fairies being beings of the four elements: Air, Fire, Water and earth. However Bib sees fairies as originating as specks of fairy dust sent to earth on a sunbeam, such fairies land on a Golden Dandelion and Grow there whilst feeding on dandelion nectar.

I wonder what you believe?


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