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Anne Stokes has been one of my favourite fantasy artist's since long before I started my business. The (now retired) Angel Rose figurine was our first purchase from Anne's collection, we loved it not yet knowing anything about this superb artist, but adoring the gorgeous figurine.

Anne Stokes produces superb fantasy themed artwork: she began her career as a merchandising designer for well known bands including Queen & the Rolling Stones, she progressed to become a freelance illustrator and subsequently embarked on becoming totally self sufficient licensing her own work. Anne Stokes now has a extensive range of quality licensed products as part of the Anne Stokes collection. Including Fairy/Angel/Dragon figurines, bags and other superb products encompassing Anne's artwork many produced by Nemesis Now. Superb quality T-Shirts by the Mountain, featuring some of the best examples of Anne Stokes artwork. 

A great place to find out more about Anne Stokes and get current information about her new projects and artwork is on her Facebook page  

Anne has a talent for using symbolism in her work to convey sentiment. She uses female subjects because she can reflect some of her own essence within them: they often portray dominance in a loving, friendly and strong way.

I follow Anne on her Facebook page: Here I discovered more about Anne's talent for using symbolism in her work to convey sentiment. For example her Angel Rose artwork (as pictured) is not necessarily sad but has a realistic empathetic undertone: Remembering with respect those things that have passed with love and thanks for what went before. The falling leaves including the rose petal are symbols life coming to an end and the heart shapes (Her wings, headband, tattoos, gloves) represent the Love felt.

Originally from London Anne, now lives and works in Leeds and continues to produce brilliant new artwork expanding her wide repertoire with Fairies, Angels, Wolves, Unicorns, Dragons and so much more! Licencing  a fabulous range of items inspired by her artwork. From figurines to keyrings and so much more besides. You can browse many of her products here. 

Anne spends time producing new artwork and especially working on fantasy themes. If you are lucky enough you may meet her at one of her signing events.

For fantasy fan's Anne Stokes is a household name, but many other people will recognize her work as shown on the T-Shirt of Mike TeeVee in Tim Burton's hit film Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Anne Started her career as a merchandising designer for well known bands such as Queen and the Rolling Stones, moving into becoming a freelance illustrator before embarking on her own licensing. 

 One of Anne's most recent and modern licensing ventures is the production of Sony Playstation themes, visit to find out more. 


Anne Stokes artwork can be viewed on her own webpage: she has a wide fantasy repertoire including, fairies, angels, unicorns, wolves and so much more! Anne has chosen to use female subjects in her work mainly because she is female and her work subtly represents her own perspective: the emotion and/or sentiment in the image being a reflection of her own individuality. The women in her artwork often portray dominance in a loving, friendly and strong way. Although her characters are feminine and attractive

"they are not scantily clad sex objects. Everything has its place but there can be a lot of sexism in the world and at least in Anne Stokes Collection women take the center stage on their own merit." 8th March 2017 @ 09.31.








Needless to say be there is much more to be found out about the life and work of this amazing fantasy artist, Anne Stokes. I hope you have enjoyed this short introduction to her life and work and are inspired to find out more.

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