My Reiki adventure

I met a lovely lady in our shop several months ago, she mentioned she was a Reiki master and after a chat I agreed to put some leaflets on our counter. She convinced me that I would benefit from treatment....despite good intentions I never made an appointment. Plus I honestly knew nothing about Reiki.

Forward to just before Christmas, Sonia of Rainbow Rose Holistic Therapies, came to browse our shop again...she is so lovely and I naturally warmed to her. When making a purchase she suggested we could hold drop in Reiki sessions in our back room. I can hardly believe we agreed and last week the first sessions begun, with tremendous success! 

I had my first ever treatment...not knowing what to expect, I was naturally anxious. Sonia combined a recorded meditation (She had devised) with crystal and hands on healing. It was so pain levels were reduced and I felt so happy afterwards. I would 100% recommend any one to try!


If like me you know nothing about Reiki here is a summary about what I have discovered:

  • It's available to everybody, regardless of religion, belief or non belief.
  • Reiki is a Japanese Technique that aids relaxation, stress reduction and healing
  • It involves laying on of hands to transfer spiritually guided life force energy through the master.
  • Reiki is totally Safe

Just a couple of hours after treatment a client left this lovely review:

"I had a reiki treatment with Sonia this afternoon. I've had healing and reiki before, but Sonia takes it to a new level. At the end, I felt so relaxed that I was unsure I should drive! Sonia is a genuinely lovely soul and I would recommend her to anyone." - F Owen

I appreciate many of you are too far away to come for a drop in session with Sonia, but I would definitely recommend discovering what Reiki practitioners offer in your local area.

We will be welcoming the lovely Sonia in store every Saturday, Just £10 for a 20 minute guided meditation with crystal and Reiki healing. It really is worth coming along and finding out more and perhaps partaking in treatment yourself.

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